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There is a tendency to look back, to remember when. And I do that often and am overwhelmed by the history of Hillsborough House of Hope.

How has everything come together as it has?
How has it been that people who are needed come knocking on the front door ready to give of their talents?

How has every need been met not in our time or our way, but in better timing and better ways? The basic time line follows.

It was six words only, six—that changed the original concept of HILLSBOROUGH HOUSE OF HOPE. These words were spoken by then-Sheriff, Cal Henderson as we sat across his desk from each other on May 12, 2000. He had asked me how many women I planned to work with in (as he put it) this much needed program. Probably in a rather determined tone, I pulled myself up proudly and looked at this imposing man sitting back in his chair.
Well, I have planned on having twelve, maybe fifteen, I guess.
He smiled and leaned across the desk.
No, Mrs. Palmer, no. Not twelve or fifteen. Three. He emphasized the number. You can't....You can't save the world like that. Mrs. Palmer, you're not to save the world. You're to help women who are addicted.
We looked at each other.
Look at it like this. You have three residents, two make it. You now have a 2/3 success rate. Understand?
I think so.
Good. It'll be hard, very hard. Some women go through three or four programs before they find one that's just right for them and they move forward. But, Mrs. Palmer, some of them never make it. Be prepared for that. And so, it has been for a little under ten (OR IS IT NINE YEARS?) years. Three women at a time with a 70% success rate.


Two hundred people entered the Tampa Yacht and Country Club expectantly May 25, 2011. Their expectations were met by a delicious lunch, smooth, courteous service, the showing of beautiful clothes furnished by Dillard's and modeled by women who a part of Hillsborough House of Hope. Gayle Sierens, WTVT.CHANNEL 8, moved the program forward first introducing Mayor Bob Buckhom who welcomed everyone and Belinda Womack who sang the song that has become the theme song of HHH, HOUSE THAT MERCY BUILT.
The models each told their story of their addiction and how they have be¬come recovering addicts through the HHH program. The guests popped the balloons that were tied to their chairs and after the Benediction found the baskets of gifts that matched their number.
The staff and Board of HHH thank the sponsors, volunteers, and the others who made the Spring Fling a most successful event


Faith & Values –
Tampa Tribune May 21, 2011
with Michelle Bearden


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